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Raiffeisen Bank offers to its customer the Visa and Master Card, cards which are accepted internationally and enable you a 24 hour and 7 days per week access in your account in the country and abroad.

Warning: In  case your card is lost or stolen, you should call us immediately on the Contact Center 038 222 222 or to report it to the nearest branch of our bank.

For more information, please contact Raiffeisen Bank branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222. 

Debit Master is also a debit card linked to the current account, which gives the possibility to access your money 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This card can be used for withdrawals through the network of ATM’s also, to make payments in POS’s within and outside the country.

For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

The Master Card is offered to individuals, owners of Small and Micro enterprises and corporate clients, upon fulfilling of the bank requirements.

This card enables to have available an approved limit by the bank, which can be withdrawn through the ATM’s, or to make payments in POS’s inside and outside of the country also, purchasing online. 

Who can apply for the Master Card?

All private individuals that receive their salaries through Raiffeisen Bank, and at which their salary reach the minimum level salary requirements have the right to apply for the Master Card also the owners of Small and Micro enterprises and Corporate customers that have a good credit history with the bank.

The limit approved from the bank the clients can use without interest up to 45 days.

During the grace period from 1 to 15 of the next month, the client is obligated to pay the amount exploited.  The repayment of the amount used in the previous month should be done into the current account from where the system automatically will reconcile the card account.

If the amount exploited is not returned within the grace period, then penalty fees will be applied as per tariff list.

For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

Visa Electron është kartelë debiti e lidhur me llogarinë rrjedhëse që ju mundëson klientëve të kenë qasje në të hollat e tyre 24 orë në ditë, 7 ditë në javë. Kjo kartelë mund të përdoret për tërheqje të parave përmes rrejtit të bankomatëve si dhe të kryeni pagesa në tërminalet e shitjeve brenda dhe jashtë vendit.

Për më shumë informata rreth mënyrës së përdorimit dhe tarifave të aplikueshme nga banka ju lutem kontaktoni Qendrën Kontaktuese në numrin 038 222 222 ose vizitoni njërën nga degët më të afërta të Bankës Raiffeisen.

Visa Credit Card is the card which has the limit approved by the bank to use for goods and services through the POS, and withdraw cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by using ATM’s in Kosovo and around the world.

Borrowing and returning money:

You will have on your disposal the limit approved by the bank which can be used from your side and at the end of each month the bank will inform you through the statement for all of the transaction done in the specific month, obligations, the calculated interest and for the minimal payment needed.
Based on your financial capacities, you can choose the most flexible way to fulfill your obligations. You are obligated to return at least the minimum amount required in the statement within the grace period for 15 days and the other part can be returned gradually.

How can you have a VISA credit card?

In order you need to receive your salary through Raiffeisen Bank or any other bank in Kosovo or be a business owner or representative and also you need to complete the application form attached in  brochure and then send it to any Raiffeisen Bank branch.

With your approval, an additional card can be issued to your authorized person who can have access to your limit up to a specified level by you.

The card is equipped with a “chip” which enables to increase the security of transactions and always when you use your card you will be asked to type your PIN.

The bank offers two types of credit cards:

  • one for electronic transactions, payments through POS’s and cash withdrawals from the ATM’s, and the other
  • can be used also for online buying.

For these two types of cards the bank offers different credit limits, which are assigned by the bank’s criteria.

For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

Below you can download as PDF list of sales points of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo that allow installment payments.


Visa Classic is also a debit card which means every withdrawal or payment will automatically charge your account, it makes possible to have access in your account 24 hours per day, 7 days a week; through the network of more than 850.00 ATM’s inside and outside the country, moreover, you can make payments for goods and services on more than 22 million Points of Sales (POS) in the whole world, however, in comparison with Visa Electron this makes possible buying online.

How can you take VISA Classic Card?

The right to apply for VISA Classic Card has all customers who receive their salary through Raiffeisen Bank and whose salary achieves the level required by the bank. In addition, owners of the enterprises and larger companies who have a good history of loan repayment have the right to apply for VISA Classic Card.

With your approval, this Card can be issued to a person who is authorized in your account and in this way, all performed transactions with the Card of authorized person will be taken from your account.

For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

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