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Raiffeisen bank’s Sponsorships and Donations throughout the year 2015

Throughout the year 2015 Raiffeisen Bank continued to support projects in the field of sports, culture, education and social responsibility.

Please find below projects the Raiffeisen bank has supported in the year 2015:

Time for Finance 

This year Raiffeisen bank continues to sponsor the morning program ‘Time for Finance’ with the perspective of raising awareness for the finance and banking industry in Kosovo. 

Footballer of the year 

With the aim of promoting the Kosovo football industry the Raiffeisen bank sponsored in the 5th consecutive year the ‘Footballer of the year’ event organized in January by the Kosovo Football association.  

Leopold Forster Exposition 

As Raiffeisen bank cares about the international promotion of the cultural and artistic heritage of Kosovo, it sponsored the Exhibition of Leopold Forster’s drawing of the Balkan culture during the first world. The Exhibition was set up by the Austrian Embassy and was opened on January 10, 2015  at the Mother Theresa Cathedral.


Chopin Piano Fest “Prishtina 2015”

Organized by the Kosovo Association ‘Chopin’ the Chopin Festival “ Prishtina 2015” is a music festival promoting piano music in Kosovo and with that regard also local, as well as international pianists. The Raiffeisen sponsorship helped in implementing this event and showed it’s care for the cultural development in Kosovo. 


“Kosova – Austrian Experts` - Health Day”

In order to support the development of the health-care system in Kosovo, Raiffeisen sponsored the "Health-Day" by the Austrian Kosovo Association (OeKG ), which had the aim to evaluate the development of the Kosovo health system and Austrian inputs in that regard.

National Association of Autism in Kosovo - Piano Concert with Mr. Derek Paravicini

With the objective of raising awareness about children with Autism Raiffeisen supported a concert with the verz talented musician Mr. Derek Paravicini, who has autism and is blind. 


  As In the three previous years Raiffeisen continues this year  to support the project ‘ATOMI’  by ENCOMPASS (Centre for psychological and social studies and services. This project aims to identify early gifted students, and to provide opportunities, conditions, treatment, care and distinctive education for these students, such as different lectures according to their interests, the annual summer school. 


Initiative “Let’s clean Kosovo”

For the 4th year in a row Raiffeisen supported the organization of the Initiative “Let’s clean Kosvo”, whereby on May 24, 2015 many citizens, private and public institutions, including RBKO staff members got together to support the global initiative. 


Autostarada Bienale – “Sculp Fest” Internationsl sculping festival

For the 2nd consecutive year Raiffeisen supported the International sculpting festival “Sculp-Ice” held in May this year.

 Austrian Embassy - IQ Consulting

Raiffeisen sponsored public screening of the Eurosong contest Grande Final, which took place on May 23, 2015 at the be “ Zahir Pajaziti” Square aiming to promote the Austrian values and culture, but also  tolerance and diversity among people of different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation.

FIQ - Green Ideas Competition

Raiffeisen handed out start up grants for the 3 best ideas from the competition. “Green and Innovative 2015”, which aims to identify and attract young entrepreneurs in Kosovo by providing the possibility to receive start-up funding from donors and philanthropists for their business ideas.

OeKG - Mortage Day

Together with OeKG and the  Austrian Chamber of Commerce Raiffeisen supported to  organise  the conference “Austrian Kosovo Finance Mortgage Day 2015”on  June 19, 2015 aiming to develop the mortgage property financing sector based on Austrian model and so significantly improve the economic development of Kosovo on its way to EU.

Gjakova Municipality - Jakova Innovation Center

With the aim of offering the right environment for children and youth to study, Raiffeisen supported the project of constructing and renovating the sport area in primary school “Yll Morina”.

Innovation Centre Kosovo - Digital Festival

Raiffeisen supported the ICK Digital Festival, which is a community-driven grassroots festival celebrating digital trends, with the main focus on the banking industry. It thereby promotes transparency services, banking products, culture, technology, trends and security, so that the public may see more of what a bank branch can offer. 

KK Mamushe - "Festival of Tomatoes"

The sponsorship of the 6th "Festival of Tomatoes", which aims to stimulate agricultural production, focusing on the production of tomatoes represented a great opportunity to present Raiffeisen's agro products and to attract new clients.


Komuna e Pejes/ Peja Municipality

Helping to promote the local culture, Raiffeisen sponsored the traditional festival "Peja`s culture throughout the years" taking place during 7 consecutive evenings. Thereby different cultural activities, such as: classical music, theatre plays, traditional music, literature and visual arts were displayed.

Stepic Found - “Making Change for Children in Fushe Kosove”

Raiffeisen Supported the Project “Making Change for Children in Fushe Kosove” by the Austrian Stepic Charity NGO aiming  to promoting and support children and young persons in Central – and Eastern Europe regarding social, economic and health aspects as well as with respect to training and education.