Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C.

Head Office


Street UÇK, no.191

10000 Pristina, Kosovo


T: +383 38 222 222

Mob: +383 49 222 222

F: +383 (0)3820 30 11 25


Swift Code : RBKOXKPR


Electronic Services

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo brings the newest technology for providing fast, convenient and reliable ways of modern banking. We provide several customized electronic solutions aiming at fulfilling clients' specific needs.


Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo offers the following banking services through e-banking:

  •  Account balances and Statements Enquiries
  •  Execution of Payment Orders (local & international)
  •  The execution of payments of taxes and pension contributions
  •  Batch payments 
  •  Moving of funds between accounts
  •  Checking loan and deposit balances

Raiffeisen CONNECT -WEB  is a fast, efficient and reliable system of e-banking for accessing your accounts with our bank through the Internet. In a simple and reliable way, you can control your account from any location you are.


Beware of unpleasant surprises!

Dear clients, financial institutions sometimes happen to be subject of possible fraud attempts through e-mails which are trying to get your personal credentials in different options.

To avoid potential problems please that Raiffeisen Bank never sends emails through which you will be asked to log-in into electronic services or that requires to enter your password and user name and the only way to enter into E-Banking it's through our official web page and not through other links.

Please note that for any other information in case you face such e-mails contact immediately Raiffeisen Bank on the phone number 038/222-222 or at e-mail address

For more information, please contact your bank advisor or Corporate Department at 038 222 222, ext. 116.

The Bank in your phone...

Mobile phones has become one of the most used and functional appliances, through which you can complete many tasks, by saving your time. To be closer to you, Raiffeisen Bank has created an innovative product which will enable using banking services through your mobile phone.

M-banking, by using your mobile phone offers the possibility to review balance in your accounts and transactions previously performed via E-Banking. Existing clients of E-banking can use M-Banking with the same username and password, without any additional application.

M-banking is available in:

  • WEB application - which works on all mobile devices that have internet access

Warning: If the username and password is written wrong 5 times, your M-banking account will be blocked and you must contact Raiffeisen Direct. 

For more information, please contact your bank advisor or Corporate Department at 038 222 222, ext. 116.

E-banking for Businesses is designed in the way to fulfill your business requirements by offering a range of opportunities to lower your expenses, to enhance productivity and most important make it easier to communicate and contact with the bank. 

Through Raiffeisen E-Banking for Businesses, you can perform:

  • The execution of domestic and international transfers 
  • The execution of payments of taxes and pension contributions
  • The option for multiple signing of payment orders
  • The different level authorization for the selected accounts
  • Checking the account balance and the account statement together with other transactions done in your account, the permanent keeping of payment orders for multiple usage ( monthly payments or similar payments)

The preservation of information in Raiffeisen E-banking is based on the card, which for today is the best way to protect in the commercial world. This high technology of the identification of the user and the digital signing of the transactions is based in the Public Infrastructure. As such, the verification of identity, codifying of information, authorization and electronic signature of all payment orders are done in the card.

Note: The card will be destroyed automatically itself after three attempts to enter the personal number.

A client of E-Banking for Businesses can become any enterprise that has an opened account in Raiffeisen Bank. The owner of the account will be required to fill and sign the application of Raiffeisen Offline for businesses, which will be made available from the Client Relationship Officer or by the Account Manager in one of the branches and sub-branches or by making a request in the electronic address

For more information, please contact your bank advisor or Corporate Department at 038 222 222, ext. 116.