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Street UÇK, no.191

10000 Pristina, Kosovo


T: +383 38 222 222

Mob: +383 49 222 222

F: +383 (0)3820 30 11 25


Swift Code : RBKOXKPR


Electronic Services

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has closely followed the recent technology developments and made sure customers receive the contemporary electronic banking services.



SMS Top Up allows you filling your mobile phone, internet and digital television and IPKO packages DuoTV and DuoFIX electronically from wherever you are. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and it is convenient to all of you who use products of Mobile Operator.


The method of filling the telephone:

  • Send a free SMS to number 50222 from all operators, enter the IPKO or Z-Mobile  phone number, space the amount by which you wish to fill the phone  e.g. (049xxxxxx 5 or 045xxxxxx 5)


The method of filling the television:

  • Send a free SMS to number 50222 from all operators, enter the name of the contract which you possessed at IPKO or smart card number, space TV,DUOTV or DUOFIX e.g. (xxxxxxxxx TV) (xxxxxxxxxx DUOTV) (xxxxxxxxxx DUOFIX)


The method of filling the internet:

  • Send a free SMS to number 50222 from all operators; enter the name of the contract which you possessed at IPKO, space Internet e.g. (xxxxxxxxx internet)

Note: You can realize this service even if you do not have credits on your phone, just required amount should be in your account specified in contract.


For more information, please contact Raiffeisen Bank branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

…clients now will have the opportunity to be equipped with new product called Bank ID.

Bank ID is in fact USB key which includes active protection of digital certificate and which allows clients to use and perform with all functions as in E-Banking WEB.


Through Bank ID you can:

  • control your account statement
  • review your detailed transactions for the specified account
  • perform domestic and international transfer with no need to register a beneficiary previously
  • perform municipality payments 
  • be informed about loans that you have with RBKO
  • be informed about RBKO products and services 


For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

The Bank in your phone ...

Mobile phones has become one of the most used and functional appliances, through which you can complete many tasks, by saving your time.  To be closer to you, Raiffeisen Bank has created an innovative product which will enable using banking services through your mobile phone.

M-banking enables to finish all of the E-banking functionalities through your mobile phone. The existing clients of E-banking can use M-Banking with the same username and password, without any additional application.

M-banking is available in following versions:

  • WEB application - which works on all mobile devices that have internet access

  • Iphone application - specialized for iPhone, also supported by Apple for operative systems IOS 7.0 or higher

m-banking nga banka Raiffeisen - aplikacioni per iOS ne iTunes

  • Android application- specialized for mobile phones which work under the Android operative system, which is also supported by Google for operative systems OS 4.0 or higher

m-banking nga banka Raiffeisen - aplikacioni per android ne PlayStore

Attention: In order to download an application on your phone the "cookies" must be activated.

Through M-banking you can:

·         Manage with your accounts

·         Check account balance and transactions

·         Execute transfers between own accounts

·         Execute GIRO payments by scanning the barcode

·         Get information for loan and deposit details

·         Get information about card details

·         Get information for foreign exchange rates and use foreign exchange calculator

·         User details and last login details in E-Banking

·         Change the password

·         Information about ATM/Branch locations

·         Share this application with your friends in social network

·         Bank contact details


Warning: If the username and password is written wrong 5 times, your M-banking account will be blocked and you must contact Raiffeisen Direct.

For more information, please contact Raiffeisen Bank branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

 M-banking Manual



SMS Banking enables you to finish banking transactions through your mobile phone, such as:

  • To check the balance of all of the accounts and the last three transactions, and 
  • To accept information/ messages linked to your accounts mentioned in advance in the application (automatic- so called alarms) 


Through the alarm you will receive information for the changes in the account:

  • The balance of the account greater or lower than a specific amount 
  • Credits/Debits of the funds which are greater than the specific amount 
  • Information about the balance of all of the accounts in a fixed time


For more information, please contact Raiffeisen Bank branches and sub-branches or call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

Offers simple and reliable access in the banking services 24 hours, 7 days a week and enables:

  • Controlling of the balance in your accounts
  • Printing the same bank statement as in our branches
  • The execution of domestic and international transfers
  • Reviewing of the account balance together with the transactions done before in your account
  • Printing of the information of the saved payments
  • The execution of taxes and pension contributions
  • The execution of municipal payments
  • Exchanging electronic messages with the Bank
  • Information about the loans you posses in Raiffeisen Bank
  • Information regarding new products and campaigns

The possessor of E-banking WEB solution can become any individual client who has an opened account in Raiffeisen Bank.  The owner of the account will be required to fill and sign the application of Raiffeisen Connect for private individuals. This application will be made available from the Client Relationship Officer in one of the branches and sub-branches of the Bank or by making a request in the electronic address

The E-Banking service uses the last safety technology which helps:

  • The verification of the identity of the client
  • Storage of the data from reading and changing
  • The confidential treatment of your information


Beware of unpleasant surprises!

Dear clients, financial institutions sometimes happen to be subject of possible fraud attempts through e-mails which are trying to get your personal credentials in different options.

To avoid potential problems please that Raiffeisen Bank never sends emails through which you will be asked to log-in into electronic services or that requires to enter your password and user name and the only way to enter into E-Banking it's through our official web page and not through other links.

Please note that for any other information in case you face such e-mails contact immediately Raiffeisen Bank on the phone number 038/222-222 or at e-mail address 

For more information, please visit our branches and sub-branches call Contact Center: 038 222 222.

Dear customers,

 To make it easier for you and get you closer to the E-banking application, Raiffeisen Bank offers you the possibility of using virtually the E-banking platform.

Through the Demo platform you will have the chance to try it out and see how easily and quickly you can use the E-banking functions

·         Execution of different types of payments

·         View your account details and download the account statement

·         View your card details and download the card account statement

·         Possibility of activating Standing orders

·         Possibility of opening a Term Deposit Account

·         Check loan details


Click the link below and than select "Login" to be part of Raiffeisen E-banking experience