Direct Debit

Internal direct debit is an internal development of Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo dedicated to the collection of invoice payments approved in advance by the client and the company.

As this is an internal product of the bank, it serves only Raiffeisen Bank customers. Initially, the agreement (debit mandate) is signed between the company and the client.

Direct Debit of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo

Direct debit is a payment method which enables an organization to instruct their Bank to collect various amounts, paid at different times directly from the client accounts, as long as the client has received prior notice of collection and dates

Raiffeisen Plus

Switch to Raiffeisen Plus to make different bank transfers

It is an automatic payment service for the transfer of certain amounts on certain dates as the client has agreed to transfer the money from his account to his accounts or to the accounts of other beneficiaries who are Raiffeisen Bank customers.

Raiffeisen e-Banking

Kaloni në Raiffeisen e-Banking për të realizuar transfere të ndryshme bankare

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