Current account

A current account is an account in which transactions are booked on an ongoing, chronological basis and a running account balance is kept.Funds (in EUR/USD/GBP and CHF) held in the current account can be accessed by the customer at any time and without restrictions throughout Kosovo and abroad.

Collection account

For all of you who have business throughout Kosovo, we offer to you Cash Collection Account. We are online with all branches and sub branches all over Kosovo, so we can offer to you information in real time basis through our network, irrespectively of the fact where you have chosen to open the account.

Escrow account

Is an agreement between two parties( Contractors and Escrow Agent- Raiffeisen Bank), through which the Escrow Agent(Bank) accepts to manage escrow amount in the escrow account opened at the Bank, amount, which will be released with the fulfillment of the terms and conditions defined in this agreement.

Term deposit

If you want to gain higher return on your deposited funds, a Term Deposit may be an interesting opportunity. A Term Deposit is an account paying higher interest for fixed term, with understanding that funds cannot be withdrawn before maturity. We will offer you competitive interest rate for any deposit you might place with us. This will depend of course on maturity, currency and amount.

For more information, please contact your banking advisors or call the Corporate Department at 038 222 222 ext. 116.

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How can I help you?Click here