Recourse Factoring

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Recourse Factoring - financing invoices with payment term - simple and fast process


Factoring is the financing of invoices by transferring accounts receivable / invoices arising as a result of the sale of goods or services.

Why Factoring?

The bank pays the client up to a maximum of 80-90% of the invoices before the expiration date of the invoices. At the time of payment the buyer pays for the invoices which the bank has financed the seller / customer from the first day.

Faster access to money, because instead of waiting for the invoice with a payment deadline of 15 to 120 days, through Factoring the collection of invoices is done immediately.
More flexible financing alternatives, which helps to increase and develop the capacity of businesses
Mortgages (accounts) are considered receivables / invoices, which also allows the client to use the collateral for other projects
Enables negotiation on payment term through seller and buyer. Creating opportunities for development of both parties.

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Factoring video guide

Filling in invoices

Factoring video guide

Importing invoices

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