Reverse Factoring

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Reverse Factoring - financing suppliers from day one.

What is Reverse Factoring?

Reverse (Confirmed) Factoring is a fairly well designed deal between Buyer, Seller and Bank. The starting point of reverse factoring is the Buyer, who is usually represented by a Corporation.

Why Reverse Factoring?

The main challenge for sellers and buyers is the waiting time for payments: while Suppliers / Sellers prefer payment as early as possible after shipment, Buyers generally insist on longer waiting times. Reverse factoring resolves this conflict and offers benefits to the Buyer.

They can:

  • Regulate payment terms
  • They are in a better position to negotiate payment terms, if they wish
  • Benefit from better terms discounts, interest, in relation to the seller
  • Help suppliers / retailers to be more liquid,
  • Strengthening the business image ”company that supports business partners suppliers / sellers

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Importing invoices

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How can I help you?Click here