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Raiffeisen Bank, as part of Raiffeisen Bank International, has reached an agreement with which enables all Raiffeisen Bank cardholders to receive 4% cash back for any successful booking through the platform.

How to log in to

To receive 4% cash back, you need to log in to through this link:

How to get cash back?

  • Make sure to book with one of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo cards.
  • You must have a account to receive your refund. The email address on the account must be the same as the one used for your booking. You can create your account after you make the reservation.
  • The final cash back amount is based on 4% of the value of your booking. This amount may exempt some taxes / fees and is subject to the currency conversion rate.
  • You will receive cash back within a period of 64 days or more from the day you have done your check-in.
  • Raiffeisen Bank may take an additional month or more to credit the refund.

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