What is a RaiPay - the digital wallet?

The RaiPay digital wallet allows you to make payments through your phone, just like with beam cards

Installation requirements

To install and use the RaiPay application, your phone needs the following requirements:

  • NFC technology, an option which must be enabled in settings;
  • Updated to Android version 5.0, or above;
  • Have the screen lock enabled, otherwise RaiPay will not work if the user does not use any method of locking the phone screen via PIN, password, or
  • biometrics.
  • Internet access when registering the cards. After registering the cards, the internet access is no longer required to make payments.


The RaiPay application has the following features:

  • Registration of cards – you can add to the RaiPay application all active Visa cards for individuals and businesses, issued by Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo.
  • Payment via smartphone – Without having to have Visa cards with you, you can make payments at POS terminals that accept beam payments (contactless technology), as well as withdraw money at ATMs that have non-contact card authentication equipment installed.
  • Checking the history of transactions performed with this application – you can check the transactions made with any card registered in the RaiPay application.
  • Changes in “Settings” – you have the option to: change RaiPay colors, delete one or more cards, change password, or enable additional security options

How to install RaiPay on my device?

You can find the RaiPay application in the Google Play Store, while for the steps of downloading and installing the application you can refer to the user manual.

I bought a new phone, how should I proceed?

You need to call the Contact Center to configure the previously registered device and enable the application to install from scratch.

What should I do if my card is stolen / lost?

In case of loss or theft of the card, you should call the Contact Center at 038/049 222 222 in order to block your card.

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RaiPay in Google Play Store

Install the RaiPay mobile app

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