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Raiffeisen, 20 years in Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank marks the 20th anniversary of its operation in Kosovo. The bank was named Raiffeisen in June 2003, after Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) purchased 100% of the shares of then American Bank.


Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) publishes Preliminary Results 2022

RBI: Consolidated profit of EUR 3.6 billion in 2022, driven by significant increase in core revenues – Guidance 2023.

Exchange rate

02-02-2023 08:46

Bank buys

EUR/USD 1.1277

EUR/CHF 1.0385

EUR/GBP 0.9105

EUR/NOK 11.0398

EUR/SEK 11.5155

EUR/DKK 7.5429

EUR/CAD 1.4824

Bank sells

EUR/USD 1.0727

EUR/CHF 0.9587

EUR/GBP 0.8661

EUR/NOK 10.7350

EUR/SEK 11.1975

EUR/DKK 7.3347

EUR/CAD 1.4414

*prices are indicative
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How can I help you?Click here