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RBI: 1-9/2021 results – consolidated profit jumps 76 per cent y-o-y

After the pandemic-driven recession in the previous year, the current financial year is being marked by economic recovery. Consolidated profit of RBI was € 1,055 million.


Ms. Anita Kovacic, the new CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

Following the retirement of Mr. Robert Wright, Ms. Anita Kovacic will take over the position of CEO of Raiffeisen in Kosovo as of 1 November 2021.

Exchange rate

26-11-2021 10:20

Bank buys

EUR/USD 1.1552

EUR/CHF 1.0868

EUR/GBP 0.8641

EUR/NOK 10.2505

EUR/SEK 10.4493

EUR/DKK 7.5401

EUR/CAD 1.4581

Bank sells

EUR/USD 1.0988

EUR/CHF 1.0032

EUR/GBP 0.8219

EUR/NOK 9.9675

EUR/SEK 10.1607

EUR/DKK 7.3319

EUR/CAD 1.4179

*prices are indicative
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How can I help you?Click here