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Welcome to Tech4Tech Community in Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

Tech4Tech Community in Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo consists of information and technology professionals that work in different fields such as Programming, Systems, Databases, Network, Cloud, Software Engineering, Data Integration & Analytics, Information and Cyber Security, GRC Archer, Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Data Engineering etc.  Through continuous collaboration and idea sharing, Tech4Tech Community follows the latest trends in technology through agile delivery methodsand develops innovative solutions that contribute to customer excellence. You can also join Tech4Tech Community to connect with like-minded individuals!  

Abous us

Through Tech4Tech Community, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo intends to ensure continuous development and innovation in bank’s technology, provide its employees more opportunities for professional development, and at the same time a more diverse learning environment for students and other individuals in Kosovo who are interested in technology. 

In 2022, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo had about 300 technology employees working in four different departments in the bank. They were involved working in several business initiatives that required new technology developments and innovative solutions to provide superior customer experience through agile methods. Some of the technology people were directly engaged in Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) projects or were attending various trainings on the latest trends of technology developments. 

Therefore, the idea was to bring together all tech people, so they have the possibility to exchange their knowledge, be innovative and support each other professional development. Thus, in June 2022, “Tech4Tech Week” was organized bringing together employees of four departments: IT, Security, Data Analytics and Competence Centre. The name "Tech4Tech" was chosen to represent the technology people of our four departments in Raiffeisen Bank. The activities organized within this week involved conferences with RBI group experts, panel discussions on latest and significant technology topics, other learning activities, agile rituals, and practices as well as entertainment gaming tournaments were appreciated and liked very much by all participants. 

Thus, it was decided that the technology people in Raiffeisen Bank continue to collaborate within one community, and since then they are named “Tech4Tech Community”. In addition, as one community, they will be able to offer a more attractive environment to various technology students who join Raiffeisen through internship programs or RISE Program, Raiffeisen Internship and Scholarship for Engineers, a first type of this program in Kosovo introduced in 2022.  

What we do

The Tech4Tech Community is working in four departments of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo which are given below. By being part of these departments separately, technology people in Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo also work together in many business projects that involve various technology developments and innovative solutions for customers. These developments and solutions are
done applying the newest agile methods within agile setups and depending on the type of the project, they may also involve international cooperation with RBI network banks that operate in various countries in Europe.  

is a department consisting of professional employees who provide services in the field of Software and Data Engineering, DevOps and Information Security, in close cooperation with the central office in Vienna as well as with other branches of the bank's network Raiffeisen. 

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is a department that focuses on the governance of the technological systems of the Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo, the maintenance of the infrastructure and the functionality of the systems in general (systems, databases, networks, cloud, development, and engineering of software, devops). 

provides protection for the bank's information systems and assets against digital threats and cyber-attacks. With close collaboration with IT & Communications, we implement security measures and continuously monitor network security to ensure a secure digital environment.

is the department where data modeling, engineering, analysis, and reporting is done. Reports and analyses allow accurate data processing and strategic decisions. It provides an informed decision-making process and drives innovation by leveraging insights derived from data analysis.

Tech4Tech Activities

Tech4Tech Community focuses on fostering collaboration, learning, innovation, and community building in technology. We host events like "Tech4Tech Week", "Security Awareness Month", and "DevPortal Exchange Event" with experts and professionals from the tech field. 

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Tech4Tech Week

Last year, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo hosted the “Tech4Tech Week”, involving IT, Security, Competence Centre, and Data & Analytics departments, to demonstrate its commitment to the tech community and highlight the significance of their work in becoming the most recommended financial institution. The week offered a full experience with blended learning, exchange, and entertainment for all participants.

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Security Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, every October, is part of our annual campaign led by Security Department and underTech4Tech community. The campaign empathizes how we can work together and to do our own individual part in creating a secure online world and protecting our company and our customers. The month is dedicated to creating resources and communications to talk to our employees and customers about staying safe online.

Man using digital tablet psd mockup smart technology
DevPortal Exchange Event

The "DevPortal Exchange Event" was organized last year by the Tech4Tech Community of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo in collaboration with technology experts from Raiffeisen Bank International. The event aimed to bring together the tech professionals to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn about the advanced technologies used by the Raiffeisen banking network.

RISE - Raiffeisen Internship and Scholarship for Engineers

The RISE program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at supporting future tech leaders. It provides students pursuing careers in information technology with valuable tools, resources, and mentorship opportunities to help them succeed and make an impact in the world of technology. The program includes both an internship and a scholarship, providing students with hands-on experience and financial support as they pursue their careers in technology.

RISE, be part of the Tech4Tech Community at Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo!

Povezane vesti

Contact us

Burim Brahimi
People and Transformation Strategy Partner • People, Culture and Learning Department

Florina Lutfiu
People Strategy Partner • People, Culture and Learning Department

Working environment

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo offers to Tech4Tech Community a dynamic working environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. The new open offices offer modern spaces where Tech4Tech people can meet, collaborate, and exchange the ideas. The bank also offers the flexible working hours, hybrid way of work, e-learning opportunities including training programs and mentorship, health and life insurance, as well as access to preferential bank products and services. The employees can use a cantina, board games and gaming room. In addition to sports equipment which are available to employees during working days, there are also organized subsidized sport sessions with professional trainers.