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Overdraft: The possibilities exceed the limits

The most important factors in business management are financial flexibility and immediate access to funds. Having extra funds to cover unexpected expenses, pay suppliers, make employee payments, and expand inventory when necessary ensures our business's liquidity and financial stability.

Raiffeisen Bank's overdraft facility, which provides short-term financing for businesses, allows us to better manage our cash in line with our business needs. This line of credit allows us to withdraw funds from our current account at any time up to the amount approved by the bank.

Up to 2 salaries

0% administrative costs

Interest only on the amount used


What benefits does our company gain from the effective use of an overdraft?

  • Access to immediate funds without waiting for loan approval
  • Flexibility and financial liquidity to adapt to unexpected changes in the flow of income and expenses of the business
  • Reduction of interest costs compared to a long-term loan since interest is paid only for the period the overdraft is used
  • Advantages for credibility because by successfully using the overdraft we have easier access to other long-term loans or other financing opportunities in the future





What documents are required?

  • Certificate of registration within the Ministry of Trade and Industry, VAT certificate and "Business information" form
  • Financial data on the company for the last 12 months
  • Company inventory list and equipment list (if there are equipment)
  • "Copy of plan" and " possession list" for pledged collateral (if applicable)

Apply online for Business Overdraft

It only takes a few minutes to complete the online application. After completing the form, our team will contact you to discuss the process.

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By selecting the "Consent for CRK" button I expressly agree and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and Article 7.2 of the CBK Regulation on Credit Registration I give consent to Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C based in Rr. Robert Doll no.99, Prishtina, with business registration number 70025959, for the purposes of processing, concluding, maintaining and amending the loan agreement to process and use my personal data, as well as to have access to reports of my loans in the Credit Registry. I give this consent electronically on the basis of free will and mutual interest and I will not deny it on any legal or factual basis. I am aware that giving this consent does not prejudge a positive response or imply the conclusion of the loan agreement.

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

By pressing/clicking the "Continue" button, I explicitly agree and give my consent to the Bank, in accordance with Law No. 06/L-082 on Personal Data Protection...

By pressing/clicking the "Continue" button, I explicitly agree and give my consent to the Bank, in accordance with Law No. 06/L-082 on Personal Data Protection and the European Union Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), to process my personal data mentioned above as well as any data that may become known later, to be exchanged and used by Raiffeisen Bank, members of the Raiffeisen Banking Group and companies contracted by Raiffeisen Bank, to process the submitted application and to contact me in writing, by telephone and/or via electronic mail at the address indicated above, in order to send me appropriate and personalized offers1 through the profiling process and/or notifications related to the products and services offered.
* I confirm that I am aware that I am not obliged to give my consent for direct marketing/profiling and I am aware that at any time I have the right to withdraw this consent and in that case my data will not be used for the above-mentioned purpose. I confirm that all the information provided above is true, complete and accurate, and I declare that I have voluntarily made my personal data available to the Bank.1Individual offers are designed specifically for you based on an understanding of your economic needs through a process called profiling. Profiling involves automated analysis of your personal data and other information. Based on such processing, we reach conclusions regarding your economic or financial needs, your financial responsibility and other characteristics that we analyze when creating such offers.

Why Raiffeisen Bank?

There are many reasons why Raiffeisen Bank is the right partner when choosing a credit card. These are the main advantages:

130 years of banking tradition

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is part of Raiffeisen Bank International, carrying the same values as the parent company. Raiffeisen stands for security and stability.

The largest bank in Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank is the biggest bank in Kosovo, based on all financial indicators. This is the result of the continuous trust of our clients and our commitment to providing the best services.

Innovation and support

We rely on continuous innovation to provide you with an easy and stress-free banking experience. With the largest branch network and advanced digital platforms, we are with you 24/7.