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RaiPOS: POS terminal on your phone!

For the good of the business, it is important to be aware that time is changing, new technologies are evolving, and customer demands are increasing. In our business, we have set it as a priority to offer customers all payment methods according to their preferences. And now we have it even easier because Raiffeisen Bank has launched the most innovative product on the market: RaiPOS, where it is enough to have an Android phone that supports NFC technology to use it as a POS terminal for payments.

Through RaiPos, the mobile phone turns into a POS terminal that enables us to accept safe payments in the store or in the field. In addition, with this service, it is possible for each member of our staff to be able to process payments and for us to focus on better service for our customers.

Safe solution for receiving payments
with you anywhere without additional cable
short time from application to activation
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What advantage does RaiPos offer?

  • Flexibility using the phone to receive payments
  • Payment with any card, Visa or Master and non-RFID
  • Payment without the need for a Pos terminal, wherever you are
  • Fast payments without creating long waits for your customers
  • Security in card transactions
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What do I need to be equipped with RaiPos?

Everything you need to start accepting payments through RaiPos can be found below:

    • A mobile device with an Android operating system (version 10 or higher) that supports NFC technology
    • Internet connection (mobile network or WiFi)

    Apply online for RaiPos

    Applying online only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you fill out the form, your application will be reviewed by our team, and you will be contacted within a short period of time.

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    Why Raiffeisen Bank?

    There are many reasons why Raiffeisen Bank is the right partner when choosing a credit card. These are the main advantages:

    130 years of banking tradition

    Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is part of Raiffeisen Bank International, carrying the same values as the parent company. Raiffeisen stands for security and stability.

    The largest bank in Kosovo

    Raiffeisen Bank is the biggest bank in Kosovo, based on all financial indicators. This is the result of the continuous trust of our clients and our commitment to providing the best services.

    Innovation and support

    We rely on continuous innovation to provide you with an easy and stress-free banking experience. With the largest branch network and advanced digital platforms, we are with you 24/7.