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Corporate loans: Partner in the path of your business success

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market, businesses need quick and easy access to financial capital. Depending on business requirements, Raiffeisen Bank offers opportunities for partners to have access to additional funds through corporate loans. These loan funds respond to business needs anddemands to create opportunities for growth, development, and stability.

Term loans for working capital

Term loans for working capital are term loans that are used to finance a client’s current invoices for working capital needs but that comply with the terms of the client's investments in capital expenditures (CAPEX). This product supports the client's liquidity position by extending the repayment term for working capital for the client's previous proven capital investments. Therefore, the term of the product is medium- to long-term.

Credit line for working capital

Working capital financing is a short-term loan that is used to finance the current business activities of corporate clients, e.g., purchases, based on the supplier's discount, strengthening the customer's liquidity. Repayment of working capital financing is usually made from the company's sales profits. This product can be offered through a group of lenders (trade unions).

Overdraft product

Within the framework of an agreed loan limit, the customer determines the use of the overdraft product, depending on his/her needs. The interest rate determined individually applies only to the actual amount of the loan used. Usually, an overdraft product is combined with a checking account. In general, it has a maturity period of up to one year, after which it is usually extended. The line is used on a revolving/recurring basis, i.e., repayment is made either at the end or with a step-by-step reduction of the line over time.

Corporate loans

Investment financing is a medium-term and long-term loan for financing the production or purchase of capital assets, such as machinery, equipment, etc., as well as for financing large amounts determined for investments or business expansion.

Loan secured by cash

This type of loan is offered to clients who are ready to be financed based on their funds deposited in RBKO. Clients can be financed up to the deposited amount. Deposited money can be in EUR or USD.

Commercial mortgage loans

Commercial mortgage loans: loans for NV clients secured by real estate that are used for business purposes (capital investments—purchase, renovation, expansion, construction of business premises).

Why Raiffeisen Bank?

There are many reasons why Raiffeisen Bank is the right partner when choosing a credit card. These are the main advantages:

130 years of banking tradition

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is part of Raiffeisen Bank International, carrying the same values as the parent company. Raiffeisen stands for security and stability.

The largest bank in Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank is the biggest bank in Kosovo, based on all financial indicators. This is the result of the continuous trust of our clients and our commitment to providing the best services.

Innovation and support

We rely on continuous innovation to provide you with an easy and stress-free banking experience. With the largest branch network and advanced digital platforms, we are with you 24/7.