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Structured Financing

As organizers of project and structured financing, we support clients and investors with joint financing structures that enable the realization of various projects and investments.


What do we offer within Structured Financing?

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Project financing is a form of structured financing for a specific economic entity where the performance of the underlying project is the main source of debt repayment ability. Consequently, the financing structure is tailored and takes into account the individual needs and risks of your project plans.

It is mainly based on the cash flows generated by the specific economic entity that must be sufficient to cover the payments for operating costs andto repay the debt in terms of principal and interest payments.

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Dynamic development requires innovation. 

Tool factoring - financing of invoices with a payment term - simple and fast process.

What is Factoring?

Factoring is the financing of invoices by transferring accounts receivable/invoices as a result of the sale of goods or services.

Why Factoring?

The bank pays the client up to a maximum of 80–90% of the invoices before the invoices expire. On the payment date, the buyer pays for the invoices that the bank has financed for the seller/customer since day one.

Faster access to money because, instead of waiting for the invoice with a payment term of 15 to 120 days, through Factoring, the collection of invoices is carried out immediately.

A more flexible financing alternative, which helps to increase and develop the capacities of businesses.

Invoices are considered accounts receivable, which also enable the client to use the collateral for other projects

It enables the negotiation of the payment terms between the seller and the buyer. It creates opportunities for the development of both parties.

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Reverse factoring or financing of suppliers from day one

What is Reverse Factoring?

Reverse (confirmed) factoring is a well-designed agreement between the buyer, the seller, and the bank. The starting point of reverse factoring is the buyer, who is usually represented by a corporation.

Why Reverse Factoring?

The main challenge for sellers and buyers is the waiting time for payment, while Suppliers/Sellers prefer payment as soon as possible after delivery, buyers generally insist on a longer waiting time. Reverse factoring resolves this conflict and offers benefits to the buyer.

They can:

  • Regulate payment terms 
  • They are in a better position to negotiate payment terms, if they wish to
  • They benefit from discounts with better conditions, interest in relation to the seller
  • Help suppliers/sellers to be more liquid  
  • Strengthen the image of the business "company that supports business partners, suppliers/sellers".


Why Raiffeisen Bank?

There are many reasons why Raiffeisen Bank is the right partner when choosing a credit card. These are the main advantages:

130 years of banking tradition

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is part of Raiffeisen Bank International, carrying the same values as the parent company. Raiffeisen stands for security and stability.

The largest bank in Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank is the biggest bank in Kosovo, based on all financial indicators. This is the result of the continuous trust of our clients and our commitment to providing the best services.

Innovation and support

We rely on continuous innovation to provide you with an easy and stress-free banking experience. With the largest branch network and advanced digital platforms, we are with you 24/7.