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Raiffeisen Internship and Scholarship for Engineers

RISE is a program dedicated to the support and development of students from the field of information technology.    

Apply for RISE

Benefitet e programit RISE

Scholarship in the amount of 1,200 Euro
Mentoring from experts
Development of work with the Agile methodology
Development of work with advanced technologies
Paid internship
Training and ideal environment for learning and development
Fun, sports and recreational activities
Possibility of interaction in an international setup and culture

RISE models

  • Standard model

It foresees the development of practical work for 4 months (July, August, September, October) with a full schedule [40 hours per week].

  • Flexible model

It offers flexibility to the beneficiaries in choosing the period in which they want to keep the practical work, with reduced hours [20h per week].

Departments where you will do practical work

  • IT & Communication Department

     Infrastructure (Service Desk, Systems, Data-bases, Network, Cloud), Software             engineering and development, DevOps, Core Banking System maintenance,               management and development.

  • Competence Center

     Software Engineering, Data Integration & Analytics, GRC Archer, Customer         Integration Hub, Corporate Solutions Delivery Stream and Cyber Security.

  • Data & Analytics Department

     Data modeling, data engineering, data analytics and reporting.


Within RISE, you will have the opportunity to be part of trainings and learning activities with instructors and experts from the Technology community at Raiffeisen Bank. 

Introduction to Data Engineering

A basic introduction which will give you enough context to get started
explore the world of Data Engineering.

Introduction to Software Engineering

A presentation about software engineering and what it means to be a software engineer at Raiffeisen bank.

Information Security Techniques

Different techniques related to Information Security and how they work together
the Competence Center team with the teams in Vienna.

Applied Machine Learning

Introduction to Applied Machine Learning, and how it is used to address
specific problems.

Data Science

Introduction to what data science is and what data scientists do. You'll discover the applicability of data science across fields, and learn how data analysis can help you make data-driven decisions.

Introduction to Low Coding Platforms

A presentation about two low-coding platforms that are currently used in us
Raiffeisen from two different teams within the Competence Center.

Introduction to Agile Methodology

Presentation about Agile methodology which is used by many
organizations, including Raiffeisen Bank.

Introduction to Data Storage

A presentation on the data management system that has been created
to enable and support business intelligence (BI) activities,
especially analytics.

Banking for the Non-Banker

Training/presentation related to the history of the bank as well as information about products and services of the bank to its customers.

Soft Skills

Presentation by PCL on presentation skills, speaking in
public as well as different methods related to innovation developments.

The launch of the RISE program

To understand more about the objectives, characteristics and the entire journey of RISE, we invite you to watch the video prepared for you.


Students who are in their last year of studies in October 2022

Direction Computer Science and Engineering, Data Science, Management Information Systems, Business Analytics or similar

Average grade above 8.0

Collaborative, proactive, teachable, responsible


Complete the online application 1 – 14 September 2022

Complete the online test


Receive email notifications about the status of your application

Pyetjet më të shpeshta

Këtu mund të gjeni përgjigje për pyetjet më të shpeshta.

The last date for application is September 14, 2022.

  • Student starting the 3rd academic year or the last year of studies [II and IV] in October 2022
  • Direction Computer Science and Engineering, Data Science, Management Information Systems, Business Analytics and similar
  • Average grade above 8.0
  • Collaborative, proactive, willing to learn, responsible

Only students who start their last academic year in October 2022 can apply to the RISE program (refer to question 13 for more information)

English language is necessary and an advantage for the application, but it is not mandatory.

At the end of the program, all beneficiaries who have completed the program will be provided with Certificates of participation in RISE.

In case of good performance during the practical work and the needs of the bank for human capacities, the student gains the opportunity for employment in the Raiffeisen Bank.

In case of termination of the program, the beneficiary must return the value of the scholarship to Raiffeisen Bank.

The program will be developed according to two models. The Standard Model, which takes place from July to October, with full working hours. The flexible model which allows students the opportunity to choose in which periods they will be active with the program, 8 months during the year with a shortened schedule or 4 months with a full schedule.

Beneficiaries (in case of good performance) are obliged to stay with Raiffeisen Bank for 1 year after the end of the program.

In the event that the beneficiary, for various reasons, cannot engage in Raiffeisen Bank for 1 year after the end of the program, he/she must return the value of the scholarship to Raiffeisen Bank.

The program is scheduled to begin on October 3, 2022.

Raiffeisen Bank has so far signed cooperation agreements for the RISE program with the following institutions: FIEK, FSHMN, Universum College, Riinvest, AUK, Cacttus Education, UBT, AAB College.

Higher Education Institutions with a 3-year curriculum, the last year of studies means the third year. Likewise, HEIs with a 2- or 4-year curriculum, the last year means the second or 4th year of studies.

Puna praktike si dhe të gjitha aktivitetet të cilat lidhen me RISE mbahen në Zyren Qendrore të Bankës Raiffeisen në Prishtinë.