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The significance of updating personal data

The data updating process (KYC) is important and essential for utilizing the bank's products and services.

This process is based on current Kosovo legislation and in the Regulations of the Central Bank of Kosovo. Since the regular updating of customer data is a legal requirement, the bank is obliged to send regular notifications to customers to remind them to update their data. In addition, the bank may ask customers to update their data while using the bank's services in the bank branch. All this is to avoid the suspension of customer accounts, which is foreseen by law in the case of non-updating the data. Therefore, it is very important to customers update their data as soon as they receive the notification from the bank.

How to update your personal data?

To make the data updating process easier, Raiffeisen Bank has invested in the development of various solutions for both individual and business customers.

As a result, individual customers can now update their data online using the:

  • eKYC platform 
  • Raiffeisen Plus, 
  • ChatBot, 
  • E-mail,
  • Telephone
  • By visiting any of the bank's 36 branches in Kosovo.


While businesses can change their data using:

  • The Raiffeisen Plus platform
  • By visiting the bank's branches that provide services for businesses.


It is important to note that if there are changes in customer data or business structure, in addition to updating online through the aforementioned channels, individual customers and businesses must bring the documents proving these changes in their original form to the bank branches within the specified time limits.


Further information about this process, as well as the required documents, can be found at this link: