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Mission Statement

We act in a socially responsible manner, fostering the long-term welfare of the people and businesses in our market.

By integrating sustainability into our core operations, we ensure that our growth is responsible and beneficial for both our customers and the communities we serve.

More on our mission statement

Aligned with our parent company, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), we share a vision for the future.  RBI's Vision 2025, presented in 2019, aims to be more than just a bank for its customers. It strives to become the most recommended financial services group by exceeding customer expectations and providing an outstanding service culture.

To make this vision a reality, RBI‘s mission is formulated as follows:

”We transform continuous innovation into superior customer experience.“

Raiffeisen Bank’ sustainability aim is to act in a socially responsible manner and foster the long-term welfare of the people and businesses in Kosovo market.

As Kosovo's leading bank, Raiffeisen Bank has been instrumental in driving the country's economic progress. We champion transparent and responsible business practices, recognizing their vital role in fostering sustainable development. By adhering to these principles, we actively contribute to Kosovo's economic advancement. At Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, we are committed to supporting local communities and enhancing their well-being through targeted initiatives.

Moreover, we prioritize raising awareness about environmental protection, understanding the importance of safeguarding our natural heritage for future generations. Over the past two decades, our dedication to Kosovo's economy has been unwavering. 

Through tailored financial solutions, we indirectly fuel the growth and prosperity of Kosovo's society. We firmly believe that the investments we make today will yield positive outcomes for the future.