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Inhouse ecology

We are committed to environmental and climate protection, with the goal of keeping environmental impacts as low as possible. We therefore work to continuously improve our sustainability standards and the main environmental parameters in the most relevant areas.

Power generation by RBKO solar plant in kWh during 2023

Since Kosovo's energy production relies heavily on coal, the significance of incorporating insulated solar panels as a crucial component of the energy diversification strategy cannot be overstated. 

Below, you can find the monthly energy production data for the year 2023 and Q1'24.

Policies and measures

The Environmental Policy is part of our sustainability agenda and forms the basis for our environmental management. Our actions impact not only the economy, but also society and the environment in general. 


The central tool for implementing and further developing environmental targets is our Environmental Management System, operated in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.

In general, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmentally friendly mobility, and sustainable purchasing are particularly important aspects of corporate environmental protection.

Energy Reduction:

  • Enhancing energy efficiency through solar panel installations at our headquarters, contributing approximately 2% of total energy consumption.
  • Retrofitting buildings with LED lighting systems.

Waste & Paper Management:

  • Implementing comprehensive recycling programs and waste reduction initiatives by enhancing employee training and internal policies on resource use.
  • Utilizing recycled paper for operational needs and minimizing paper consumption.

Vehicles & Business Flights:

  • Increasing our hybrid vehicle fleet to 60%.Establishing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Expanding bicycle parking facilities for both staff and customers.
  • Implementing measures to reduce and monitor business flight travel, while also promoting environmentally friendly business travel options.

Other Measures:

  • Installing ecological water filtration systems.
  • Evaluating suppliers based on their environmental impact.
  • Opting for alternative water sources, utilizing underground and rainwater for non-potable purposes.
  • Maintaining green spaces within our premises