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Raiffeisen Bank in Kosova publishes its first Sustainability Report

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosova is pleased to announce that it has published its first Sustainability Report. The document provides a thorough description of our bank’s economic, environmental, and social impact during the 2022 financial year.

In the past, the Bank's activities as part of the ESG Agenda were described in either the bank's Annual Reports or the consolidated RBI Group’s annual Sustainability Reports. This is the first time a bank in Kosova has published a report of this kind.

The content of this report was prepared through an extensive consultation process involving both internal and external parties, which enabled the Bank to gather valuable insights on the social, economic, and environmental impact of our bank's activities.

The report also details relevant information about the pillars of our ESG agenda, including sustainability in the core business, community investment, our employees, and our in-house ecology. In addition, it also outlines our sustainability strategy and approach.

CEO Anita Kovacic states in her foreword to this document: "Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is a pioneer on sustainability and a responsible banker in the market, and we are proud that voluntarily we have decided to communicate our efforts in all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects through this non-financial report."

Below, you can find the full report:

NonFinancialReport_ENG_PLJw5daAzX.pdf (