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Limani-Bejtullahu: Being the largest bank, we have to set an example for others to follow

Being the largest bank in Kosovo, Raiffeisen seeks to play a key role in promoting responsible banking and sustainable development. In the last few weeks, the Bank has organized and supported two important events, the ESG Summit and the Green Festival, which were aimed at promoting the green agenda – a central aspect of sustainable development goals.

The Department of Sustainability and Communications, led by Antigona Limani-Bejtullahu, stands behind this commitment, and the department has established our bank as a partner for all who promote sustainable development goals in the country.

"The Bank is aware of the impact that its portfolio has on different areas, including the environment. Therefore, we aim to increase the awareness of our customers and the public in general about the advantages and benefits that the green transition offers," she says while describing the importance of such events.

"To this end, comprehensive engagement is needed from all the stakeholders—from the state institutions to the private sector, including individuals," she adds.

Involvement of different stakeholders in the promotion of sustainability was precisely the goal of the ESG Summit held in June this year.
The event gathered representatives from Kosovo's institutions and businesses, as well as from local and international organizations operating in Kosovo, to explore the opportunities of transitioning towards a sustainable and climate-friendly economy..

These activities are part of the bank's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda, driven by our parent company, Raiffeisen Bank International, which since 2010 has committed to implementing the principles of the UN Global Compact, an initiative for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Raiffeisen Kosovo’s sustainability pillar is focused on four main areas: responsible banking, equal opportunities for all employees, in-house ecology, and investment in the community. The Bank has made significant progress in these areas. For instance, half of the members of the Management Board at our Bank are women, while they also hold about half (48%) of the management roles. Of around 850 employees in total, 55% of them are women.

"As they say, change must start with yourself. Therefore, as a Bank, we are continuously exploring opportunities to ensure that our banking activity has a positive impact on society. And being the largest bank in the country, it is on us to set an example for others to follow," she says.

Limani-Bejtullahu has been part of Raiffeisen Bank since 2011, and she has played a key role in the development and implementation of sustainability policies in the bank. She is also active in promoting corporate social responsibility by leading the board of CSR Kosova, a network that aims to promote sustainability and contribute to the development of society. In addition, she chairs the ESG committee at the Kosovo Banks Association, promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the banking sector.