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Mark your calendar for the upcoming Data Hackathon 2023

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo will organize Data Hackathon 2023, a two-day event that offers students from public and private universities in Kosovo opportunities to develop skills in the field of business analysis and business intelligence.

During the event which will take place 27-27 October 2023, the selected students will gain first-hand experience in data analysis under the mentorship of industry professionals. Divided into working groups, they will also engage in developing innovative solutions that can enhance the bank's services and products. The winning group will receive a monetary reward.

How can students become part of this event?

The bank has cooperation agreements with universities, through which, based on criteria predetermined by the bank, students interested in participating will be identified. Then, the bank will contact these students to provide them with the necessary information for the application.

More information on the event and the application procedures will follow soon.