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Donika Hasani

From internship to industry leader: Donika Hasani's journey at Raiffeisen Insurance Broker

In Kosova’s insurance industry, one name stands out: Donika Hasani. Let’s hear her story for a career described by a strong will to seize any opportunity given.

When Donika Hasani decided to apply for an internship program with Raiffeisen Bank back in 2010, a career in the insurance sector was not at the top of her aspirations. Yet, for a few years now, she has been successfully leading the Raiffeisen Insurance Broker, a company specialized in helping individuals and businesses find the right insurance coverage to meet their specific needs.

The internship, followed by a few years work in the Retail at the bank, was crucial in her buildup.

“This period of my career holds significant value for me. It’s a time when I experienced growth through gaining insights into the genuine value of customer-centric approaches. It contributed immensely to my development, particularly in my ability to engage effectively with customers - the cornerstone of success not only in banking industry,” she says.

“At that time, honestly, it was not my intention to switch from banking industry, and that’s the beauty of this story that it came in an unpredicted way.”

The insurance industry in Kosova has faced challenges for several years, causing it to lag behind the banking sector in Kosovo and insurance industries in European Union countries. However, according to Hasani, a turning point came with the 2020 pandemic, which heightened people’s awareness of the importance of health and life insurance.

“Indeed, the pandemic sparked heightened awareness among people for the importance of health and insurance, leading to notably positive trends in the industry”, she explains.

“In the meantime, our group pioneered the introduction of the Bancassurance concept in our country. This initiative significantly boosted market awareness about voluntary insurance products, not just from a customer standpoint but also from a banking and organizational perspective. This strategic move has positioned Raiffeisen at the forefront of the insurance industry’s evolution in recent years,” Hasani adds.

She believes the company she leads has all the necessary components to make a difference in the market and being the first company to be licensed in the country, is one of the advantages.

“Another contributing factor is undoubtedly the exceptional level of customer service we provide. Our customers have consistently rated us with a remarkably high NPS [Net Promoter] Score, surpassing the typical threshold seen in the insurance industry worldwide”, she proudly says.

“We provide ongoing support and assistance throughout the policy term, including reviewing the coverage periodically to ensure it remains relevant as circumstances change, meaning that a broker’s relationship with the customer doesn’t end once the policy is in place.”

With the rapid development of technology and digitalization came more opportunities, and Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Insurance took advantage. She mentions some of the steps undertaken.

“We pursued two significant strategic developments in this direction: an online sales platform and an online claims module. The objective was to streamline processes and provide a superior customer experience within our range of insurance products.”

At the end of our brief interview, Donika left us feeling quite optimistic about the future of insurance brokerage and the company she leads.

“As we look towards the future of insurance brokerage, it’s clear that innovation, adaptation, and customer-centricity will be key drivers of success. We, as Raiffeisen Insurance Broker, are heading in the right direction”, she says.

The story was initially published in the Bank's newsletter, RaiMagazine. You can read more similar stories HERE