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Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Our Eco-friendly Practices

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo is dedicated to fostering responsible banking for a more sustainable future by implementing eco-friendly practices. In terms of internal sustainability, the bank recognizes the importance of understanding and addressing the impact of its activities on the environment.

In this regard, the bank has started distributing new VISA debit and credit cards made from recycled materials to its customers. The use of these cards will help protect the environment by reducing carbon footprint, decreasing waste in landfills, preventing water and air pollution, and cutting energy consumption used in the production of regular cards.

Additionally, over the past few years, the bank has implemented various sustainability measures. For instance, our transportation fleet consists of 35 hybrid vehicles, and we plan to further replace more of our fleet with hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, we have updated our business travel policy with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint, demonstrating the commitment to environmental and climate protection.

To generate clean energy, we have installed solar panels to provide electricity for internal use. In 2022, these panels produced up to 38,000 kWh or 38 MWh of solar energy. The bank has also reduced its paper consumption and now uses 100% recyclable paper.

Additionally, we have introduced a waste management system within the company that includes separate bins for waste recycling inside the buildings and in collaboration with authorized recycling companies. We are also dedicated to increasing greenery both inside and outside our premises through continuous planting initiatives.