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Join Raiffeisen

Wonder what it is like to bank with us? Find out what makes us different and how easy it is to become a customer.

Why join us?

There are a number of good reasons why we may be the right partner for you.

You are sure to be in safe hands

We are a member of the RBI Group - an established and award-winning banking group in Central and Eastern Europe.

Most recommended bank

We pride ourselves to be the most recommended bank, with the highest Net Promoter Score for a bank in the country.

Bank your way

Whether you want to visit us at a branch, bank using your mobile when you are on the move, or simply sort your finances online while sitting at home, there are many ways to bank with us.

Excellent digital banking experience

95% of our smart mobile users are satisfied with our app and our digital services have won 3 "best digital bank" awards. We are committed to providing you with superior digital bank services.

Committed to Romania

We are proud sponsors and supporters of a range of important initiatives in Romania in areas such as social support, financial education, arts, culture and many more.

Devoted to a sustainable future

To achieve our goal of becoming a responsible bank and make the future a better one, we drive the development of green financial products and services.

More about us

Joining us is easy

Choose the banking package that best fits your needs

To join Raiffeisen, you need to apply for a banking package. Start the application process and choose the one that best fits your financial needs.

Prepare your identity document

Prepare your identity card or your passport to verify your identity.

Fill in the online form

Fill in your personal information and contact details.

Verify your ID

Take a photo of yourself with your ID and have a video call with an operator to validate the authenticity of your identity.

Sign the contract online

Sign your documents electronically through our secure e-signature system and start using your account straight away. Your card will arrive at your home within 10 working days.

Online banking and card

Within 2 days, we will set up your e-banking access and send you your login data as well as your debit card by post.

Set up an appointment

Fill out the online form to make anappointment with us at your nearest branch and don’t wait in line.

Prepare your identity document

Before visiting us, prepare your identitydocument for the ID verification.

Visit us

Visit us at the appointed date and we will findtogether the right financial solutions for your needs.

Sign the contract

Once you have found the right bankingsolution, all we need is your signature to get the ballrolling.

Online banking and card

Within 2 days, we will set up your e-bankingaccess and send you your login data as well as yourdebit card by post. From this point on, you can startusing your account..

Want to switch banks?

Transferring bank accounts can be stressful. With one bank visit and your consent, we take care of the whole process without you having to worry about anything.

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Pse Banka Raiffeisen?

Ka shumë arsye pse Banka Raiffeisen është partneri i duhur kur kërkoni shërbime bankare. Këto janë avantazhet kryesore:

130 vjet traditë bankare

Banka Raiffeisen në Kosovë është pjesë e Raiffeisen Bank International, duke bartur vlerat e njejta të kompanisë mëmë. Raiffeisen qëndron për sigurinë dhe stabilitetin. 

Banka më e madhe në Kosovë

Banka Raiffeise është banka më e madhe në Kosovë, bazuar në të gjithë treguesit financiar. Ky është rezultat i besimit të vazhdueshëm nga klientët tanë dhe përkushtimit tonë për të ofruar shërbimet më të mira.

Inovacion dhe përkrahje

Ne mbështetemi në inovacionin e vazhdueshëm për t'ju ofruar një përvojë bankare të lehtë dhe pa stres. Me rrjetin më të madh të degëve dhe platformat e avancuara digjitale, ne jemi me ju 24/7.