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News - Bannerat

All you need to know about our digital offering

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosova operates with the largest branch network in the country, but continuous efforts are made to further upgrade the digital offering as well. The digital products and services are safe to use, and they provide an excellent banking experience. The good news is that use of these products has been increasing over the past few years, while the recent upgrading of our core banking system will enable the Bank to further enhance its digital platforms.

In June 2023, our IT Department reached a significant milestone by successfully migrating our core banking system to a newer and more sophisticated version.

This newer version is now up to date and creates a great advantage for us in the market, offering advanced technological features and will serve as a robust foundation for innovative digital solutions.

The Head of this department, Shkelqim Meqa, believes the “impact of this development on our operations will be transformative”.

“The CBS data migration also marks a promising era for our digital offerings. The advanced technological features of Release 19 will serve as a robust foundation for innovative digital solutions. As the bank continues to evolve, so too will our capacity to develop sophisticated digital banking platforms that meet our clients’ ever-changing needs”, Meqa said.


This online platform was designed to make application for a loan easy, quick, and online. All you need is two documents, internet connection and you shall receive an offer and approval within minutes.


In a nutshell, RaiPay is your wallet – only that is entirely digital! This means you can make payments without having to carry with you any Visa or Mastercard. Download the app on your mobile phone, digitalize your card, and don’t miss out on this convenient and safe banking experience!


With this innovative app, you can turn your mobile phone into a POS and accept contactless payments from Visa and Mastercard. The app offers the advantage of taking your POS anywhere you need it without having to deal with the trouble of extra cables or equipment. It is easy to use and very safe for receiving of payments. Check the QR to see how you can apply to get one!

Raiffeisen Plus

Raiffeisen Plus is our main digital platform. Either you use it from your mobile phone or computer, this platform has it all: your credit balance, loans, payments and so much more. It is user friendly for both individuals and businesses.


A simple sticker placed on your phone or any other device which enables you to make payments. Go to your closest branch and get the sticker and a validation for it.