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Trajtim me Prioritet

Prioritized treatment: My daily advantage

Banking operations are an indivisible part of my daily life. Quick and real-time access to my accounts, execution of various payments, and consultation with bank professionals at any time are part of my daily work. I want to perform these services quickly and easily in the bank's branches as well as over the phone.

As a Premium customer of Raiffeisen Bank, I am allowed to execute banking operations quickly and with priority. In addition to having priority in contracting bank products and carrying out financial transactions in the branch, I am allowed to call the personal advisor even after the regular working hours.


Assistance and consultation at any time

Assistance and the possibility of consultation at any time, meetings in Premium offices, personal visits or telephone consultations. Your personal advisor can be reached on the phone even after regular working hours in the bank offices.

Financial management and daily operations

Financial management and day-to-day operations, looking after your savings, increasing their value, assisting you with your day-to-day banking needs - these are the main activities of your personal advisor.

Periodic analysis for your needs

Periodic analysis of your investments or additional analysis according to your needs. Your personal advisor will keep you informed of the performance of your investments through various financial analyses.

Why Raiffeisen Bank?

There are many reasons why Raiffeisen Bank is the right partner when choosing a credit card. These are the main advantages:

130 years of banking tradition

Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo is part of Raiffeisen Bank International, carrying the same values as the parent company. Raiffeisen stands for security and stability.

The largest bank in Kosovo

Raiffeisen Bank is the biggest bank in Kosovo, based on all financial indicators. This is the result of the continuous trust of our clients and our commitment to providing the best services.

Innovation and support

We rely on continuous innovation to provide you with an easy and stress-free banking experience. With the largest branch network and advanced digital platforms, we are with you 24/7.

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What do I benefit as a Premium customer of the Bank?

As a Premium customer of Raiffesien Bank, I enjoy multiple priorities in the execution of daily banking operation

  • Counseling and assistance at any time
  • Meetings at Premium offices and personal Visits
  • Telephone consultations after regular work hours.
  • Financial management 
  • Consulting your investments and savings
  • Daily operations 
  • Help from a personal adviser in carrying out daily banking operations
  • Periodic analysis
  • Periodic analysis of the financial situation and financial planning
  • Detailed individual financial planning

The personal advisor creates the individual plan that best suits you in achieving your financial goals.