The Overdraft facility offered by Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo is a working capital line of credit for micro and small businesses that conduct their payment transactions through our bank.The Overdraft facility allows Micro and Small businesses better to manage their liquidity, inventory, accounts receivables and payables by providing short-term financing. The amount of the overdraft varies depending on the client’s needs and the volume of its transactions processed through the Bank.

Information and documents needed to apply for an Overdraft Facility include:

  • Certificate of registration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the company’s VAT certificate, and the form “Information about the Business”
  • Financial statements of the company for at least the past 12 months
  • The company’s current list of inventory and a list of equipment (if applicable)
  • “Copy of the plan” and “possession list” for the collateral that will be pledged.( if applicable)


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