What is Visa Gold Bonus

Visa Gold Bonus Card, is a credit card with a credit limit approved by the bank which can be used for interest free installment purchases. This is a dedicated card for Premium customers and you automaticlly become also members to our Premium Club. With this card you can pay for goods or services through the network of sale terminals (POS), and you may also have access to cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the ATM network in Kosovo and elsewhere in the world



Funds use and repayments

You will have a limit available to you, which is approved by the bank and which you may use as needed.

After each purchase at Raiffeisen Bank POS terminals in Kosovo, you will earn a bonus

The credit card limit can be used at certain time periods and at the end of each month, the bank will inform you of all transactions performed during the respective month: obligations withdrawn, interest calculated, bonus earned, installments as well as the required minimum payment (via e-mail or post depending on your preference).

Based on your financial capabilities, you may choose a flexible way to meet your obligations. You can also divide your payments up to 24 instalments; and pay only 5% of of used ammount up to 15th of next month. The minimum ammount required will be automaticlly debited from your current account from 13-15 of each month.



How you can get a bonus card?

To obtain a Gold Bonus Card you have to receive your salary through Raiffeisen Bank and fulfill other conditions predefined by the Bank. With your approval, additional cards can be issued to one or more persons that you authorize up to your limit, at a level set by you.


Premium Club – Klubi i befasive të këndshme!

Ky klub i dedikohet klientëve Premium, për t’u ofruar benefite shtesë gjatë blerjeve me kartelën Gold Bonus në dyqanet partnere të këtij programi.

Si pjesë e Premium Club ju përfitoni:

  • Zbritje të vazhdueshme dhe oferta speciale nga partnerët tanë
  • Bonus gjatë blerjeve me kartelën Gold Bonus
  • Limit kreditor të lartë
  • Mundësi e blerjës deri në 24 këste mujore, pa interes

Varësisht nga partneri i programit, ju përfitoni zbritje prej 5-15% dhe kjo zbritje ju zbatohet në arke në momentin e berjes së pagesës me kartelen Gold Bonus. Deri tani kemi lidhur marrëveshje bashkepunimi me nje numer te konsiderushem partnerësh, dhe numri i tyre do të shtohet ne vazhdimësi.



In order to increase the security when performing the transaction, your card is equiped with "chip" and always while using the card you will be required to give your PIN 

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