Contact Centre number

038222222 and 049222222 for any general questions about the bank, our products and services. For any issues with your debit or credit card, their activation or blocking, online purchases, Point of Sale (POS) payments, etc.

What does Contact Center provide?

Contact Center (038 222 222) is an integrated information telephone service that offers customers easy access to information on the Bank's products and services as well as convenient and easy management of his/her account 24 hours / seven days a week. 

  • Information for customers on:
    • Account balance 
    • Receiving / sending transfer
    • Loans and the application process
    • Products and other banking services
    • Addresses of the Branches and Sub-branches
    • ATM Locations and POS Merchants 


  • Services for customers:
    • Blocking of the stolen / lost card
    • International transactions / payments which were prior authorized via telephone
    • Term Depositing
    • Selling of Visa and Master Cards


How Contact Center is used?

  • MNEMONIC – the secret word

MNEMONIC- is a secret word which customer provides when opening the account. This word is unique and no one can have the same. MNEMONIC enables the identification of the customer in a much easy and quick way. Besides being unique, the secret word is secure as well.


  • Account balance information

Your account balance can only be obtained with MNEMONIC - the secret word you provided when opening your account. Also, termination of term deposit as well as all specific information on your account / transfers can only be obtained with MNEMONIC.


  • Pre-authorized transfers

The Contact Centre enables you to make a pre-authorized transfer / payment order over the phone. All you need to do is apply to the bank for this service and provide information on the transfers / payments you want to make. Then contact us and request that your transfer be completed. We are obliged to confirm the transfer execution.


  • Blocking of the card:   

This center also enables blocking of the card if your card is lost or it is stolen. Also for this service you should now the secret word (MNEMONIC) and your card will be blocked within 1 minute.

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How can I help you?Click here