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Raiffeisen Bank informs you that from 05.02.2022 there will be changes in the bank price list. This change will affect quality services by developing and advancing products and services for you.


RBI: 1-9/2021 results – consolidated profit jumps 76 per cent y-o-y

After the pandemic-driven recession in the previous year, the current financial year is being marked by economic recovery. Consolidated profit of RBI was € 1,055 million.

Kursi valutor

19-01-2022 12:49

Banka blen

EUR/USD 1.1624

EUR/CHF 1.0806

EUR/GBP 0.8549

EUR/NOK 10.0954

EUR/SEK 10.5050

EUR/DKK 7.5401

EUR/CAD 1.4389

Banka shet

EUR/USD 1.1057

EUR/CHF 0.9974

EUR/GBP 0.8132

EUR/NOK 9.8166

EUR/SEK 10.2150

EUR/DKK 7.3319

EUR/CAD 1.3991

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Welcome to Raiffeisen Bank

Welcome to Raiffeisen Bank

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